Everyone faces the stress, but especially those who are always “at the height” are exposed to it, therefore, daily it experiences increased loads or pressure, and, of course, perfectionists. Chronic stress drains, deprives of energy and strength. Weakness, fatigue, fatigue, irritability are the main symptoms of this condition. In this case, it seems to the person that he is losing control. He constantly does not have time. To concentrate attention becomes more and more difficult, working capacity decreases, sleep is disturbed, headaches and back pain may worsen, immunity weakens, which is manifested by a tendency to catarrhal diseases and frequent exacerbations of chronic diseases, internal tension builds up and sometimes becomes so strong that a feeling of being driven out arises.

But there is a way out – Vitango.

Vitango is the german standardized adaptogenic preparation based on WS 1375 for the prevention and correction of the effects of stress. Vitango has a unique dual effect on the psychological and physical aspects of stress: it reduces the level of stress hormones and increases energy metabolism. Due to this, Vitango effectively reduces anxiety, irritability, tension, against the background of its intake fatigue, exhaustion and a feeling of burnout go away. Has a quick clinical effect – it is effective from the first day of use, without causing drowsiness and addiction, without the effect of cancellation. Has a high safety profile and is well tolerated with prolonged use.

Vitango – a double action in stress and exhaustion!