However hard you may try, sometimes skin injuries, such as barb, scratches, abrasions, wounds, burns happen in everyday life. To prevent infection of wounded surface or to fight infection, which has penetrated into the wound, it is very important to have a reliable assistant and saver in your medicine chest, such as TYROSUR*, a German medication, which is presented in two forms, namely: gel and powder.

Tyrosur is wound-healing medicine with antibacterial effect for fighting with infection and faster wound healing in adults and children from birth. Major Tyrosur active ingredient is tyrothricin – a natural topical antibiotic, which major advantage is its non-toxic effect on the body, as it is not absorbed by blood and acts only in nidus, has a broad spectrum of antibacterial action and is fatal for some fungi species.

Furthermore, Tyrosur, unlike systemic antibiotics, which typically inhibit the formation of new cells in the wound, thereby preventing the process of healing, accelerates wound healing by cleaning its bottom and stimulates the process of granulation and epithelization.

Tyrosur can be applied to treat different superficial wounds, infected eczema, burns, to accelerate the healing of venous ulcers, to include in varicose veins and diabetes mellitus.

Wounds need special attention and Tyrosur.